“ So be it”

Helen Vecchiali (an argument from her work at Calman – Levy publisher)

Nowadays, “femininely correct” is on the way to replacing “politically correct.” Men are obliged to express their “feminine side”, which provokes in them an identity and social crisis in all their roles: as friends, fathers and citizens.

The damage is considerable: Loss of desire, lack of order, a motherly society.

What is the origin of this surprising drift? What are the damaging effects at the heart of couples, the family, the society in general and the professional world in particular. And especially to finally give women their due place, are there other solutions besides this senseless feminization of men or this absurd regression towards an ancient obsolete pattern?

With her pertinent and impertinent and profoundly innovative psychoanalytic perspective, Helen Vecchiali goes back to the source of our behavior as sexual beings and in particular, the different relations of boys and girls to their father and mother. So Be It is a book that is teeming with concrete examples borrowed from personal experiences, facts of society, stories, films and clinical cases. Here and there, mythology and etymology shine light upon this joyfully iconoclastic essay in an unexpected way.

Helen Vecchiali was born in La Roquebrussanne in the Var region. After a career start as a speech therapist, she became a psychoanalyst. Today, she is a consultant of human resources, having primarily a coaching practice for company managers and their managing committees and a practice organizing change-creativity seminars.

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4 Novembre 2006