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Second Mantra of section VI of second chapter of Kathopanishad, clearly says; that this Universe evolved from the Brahman, and moves (vibrates) in the Prana (in the highest Brahman). The Brahman is the great terror, like an uplifted thunderbolt. Those who know this, become immortal. The whole Universe arose from Brahman and moves in Prana (Bio-energy), or as the prana (bio-energy) being present (prana sati), the whole Universe comes out of Him and vibrates in Him. Prana (Bio-energy) here means the Brahman as the master of creation, and this eternal Reality is the one source from which is the world of appearances has emerged out, in which it is existing and into which at the end of time, it shall merge back.

Because vitality in the individual is a sign of that subject’s life, the Total Prana (Bio-energy) is called the Total Life. Thus describes the Vedic Mantras, all about the Prana (Bio-energy) in us and the Infinite Reality. Therefore the Veda says that he who realizes this sacredness of the very vitality in him comes to economies in his physical expenditures, and thus, by avoiding all foolish dissipations, he comes to live the full span of his life.

Creation and the worlds created are considered by many philosophers as so many “stresses” in the Infinite. Modern science in the west has also come to a similar conclusion that the world of matter is entirely constituted of energy-units moving at a terrific speed in their eternal vibrations. When an atom was split, the physicists could mechanically discover that it was constituted of the electrons and protons, moving at a high velocity around about a central motionless neutron. They also found out that, if by some method they could change the frequency of vibrations of the energy particles in the electronic vibrations in an element, they could change one element into another! If the atoms are nothing but energy particles vibrating, and matter is nothing but a mass of molecules, the Matter is nothing but energy vibrating!!

Now then, it cannot be much of a difficulty for the modern Hindu, to accept the statement of this Mantra that “Creation is a motion, a vibration of energy” and that it is possible for the vibration to maintain itself only if there is a motionless and non-vibrating medium, the Absolute Reality. Constant change can certainly give us the delusion of a form: only there must be a constant medium, for the changes to play in or at least a constant axis upon which they can play. Thus when a lit up joss-stick (essence-stick) is rotated fast around the same axis, we can detect the joss-stick maintaining itself in the form of a golden circle. The golden circle has no existence except in the consistency of change at the glowing tip. Similarly, constant vibration of energy in a medium of Absolute Energy, and maintaining itself within the field of a constant axis, gives us the ocean of sense-objects made of things and beings.

Now let’s see how the Brahman is a great terror. Nothing in the Universe happens haphazardly. Nature moves in rhythm. There is an immutable law that governs the movement of the stars, planets etc. There is constancy in the working of all the laws of nature. Everything is scheduled to happen according to some strict commands, as though there is a very severe law-maker and a strict maintainer of these laws! In this sense, the scripture states here, that the finite world of names and forms seems to exist and function, so diligently and readily as though the Master of the Laws is standing behind it with a raised whip!!

What we know as the manifestations of Prana (Bio-energy) are the periodic changes of its center of activity from one vital function to another in unvarying progression, apparently regulated in order of manifestation by the changes in the flow of the Tattvas (principles) (pancha-tattvas, five principles). For these manifestations of Prana (Bio-energy) are of course manifestations of various Tattvic activities. Concerning this the Upanishad explains: “as the paramount power appoints its servants telling them, ‘Rule such and such villages’, so does the Prana (Bio-energy)”. This is a clear indication of the fact that on the terrestrial globe the cosmic vital energy, or Prana Shakti (bio-energy), utilizes oxygen as the main vehicle for its activity. It is possible that biochemistry in the course of its investigations may have to accept at a future date the instrumentality of oxygen in all organic phenomena as the main channel for the play of the intelligent vital force Prana (Bio-energy).

The earth has its own supply of Prana (Bio-energy), pervading every atom and every molecule of all the elements and compounds constituting its flaming core, the fiery molten regions below the crust, the hard surface layer with its mountains and seas, and the atmosphere to its outermost fringe. The Sun, a vast reservoir of vital energy, is constantly pouring an enormous supply of pranic radiation on earth as a part of its effulgence. The superstitions connected with eclipses may thus have an element of truth, as on all such occasions the pranic emanations from the sun or moon are partially or totally cut off for a time that is the reason why the birds and the animals and the pregnant women do not carry out any activity during this period.

The changes in the weather and in the vapor and dust content of the atmosphere, which have a marked effect on certain sensitive temperaments, might also be found to cause alterations in the flow of pranic currents. The moon is another big supply center of Prana (Bio-energy) for earth.

Just as akasha (space) oscillates between the poles of immaterial space (a purely mental dimension) and material corporeality, in a similar way prana (bio-energy) reveals itself in the form of two dynamic tendencies, which condition and compensate each other like the positive and the negative poles of a magnetic or electrical field. In accordance with the view that the human body is a replica of the universe (miniature cosmos in itself) or, more correctly, a universe on a small scale, a microcosm—the polar currents of force which flow through the human body are called solar or sun-like (surya-svarupa) and lunar or moon-like (chandra-svarupa) forces.

So far as Vedanta is concerned, it has a different view on above statement, so far as human incarnation is concerned. Prashnopanishad (one of the Upanishadas), in its’ third query, 11th shloka (verse), says: “the wise man who knows the prana (bio-energy) thus will not have to suffer—his offspring’s do not perish and he becomes immortal”. It means, all possible desires of man have been classified under three headings; (a) desire for offspring, (b) desire for wealth and (c) desire for glory. Of them, the desire for offspring includes all relationships that exist in our social and domestic life. Here the rishi (the sage) says that he who meditates upon the truth—that one’s own microcosmic form with its activity centers is but a miniature universe with its cosmic forces in the macrocosm—will find relationships in the world to be always intimate and many. This is, to large extent, psychologically true since the method of concentration suggested makes the practitioner expand in his mental and intellectual outlook. He thereby develops a large heart and a very cosmopolitan intellect and these are certainly the qualities which attract towards the individual, the admiration, love and regard of his fellow beings almost automatically and irresistibly. “He who knows”—in Vedanta ‘knowing’ is not a mere intellectual appreciation or mental grasp of a theme, but means ‘realizing’. Through long and consistent meditation, when an individual comes to realize that the pranic centers in him have corresponding realities in the cosmic form, he becomes ‘immortal’. The immortality is only relative; the individual thereby comes to experience his perfect identity with the Total Mind, the Hiranya-garbha, and remains one in identification (abhiman) with the Creator until the end of this creation-cycle. Competed with the short and finite nature of the mortal, the state of the Total Mind-hood (Hiranya-garbha avastha) is certainly a state of immortality in a relative sense.

The brilliant ‘subjective scientists’ of the Vedic period alone could discover such a fitting representation of the udana vayu in the cosmic chessboard of universal existence, which is explained in the 9th sholka (verse) of the same third query of the same Upanishad. The chief prana (bio-energy), the ‘shadow’ of the Atman, the ego-center, has himself appointed different upa-pranas (sub-bio-energy) to execute their respective duties in the different centers of the body. When the ego center with the subtle body is preparing to quit the physical body he gathers all his different assistants before making his exit: when the visitor has gathered his coat, gloves, hat and umbrella, it is certain that he will soon be going out through the front door.

There are no trespassers wandering into Truth; never hope to smuggle yourself across the frontiers of the finite into the Infinite. Eternal law is quite foolproof, and devatas (Gods or their mighty governors) in charge of its execution are beyond all templations! Nobody can thus smuggle himself into the greater domains in the evolutionary scheme. Truth has many aspects. Infinite Truth has infinite expressions. Though the sages and saints speak in diverse ways, they express one and the same Truth.

Thus, if we dedicate all our life to earning and procuring, eating and breeding, certainly our parting thoughts on the death bed can never be about any greater spiritual life or about moving towards a higher evolution, but they can only be about food and women, money and deception, murder and loot; and as such we are apt to be guided to a ‘field’ wherein we can fulfill these demands without even the minimum unavoidable restraints that we have had to accept, as men living in a modern town, at least for fear of the policeman!


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July, 16, 2007

Research paper written by Dr. Nitin Unkule, Chief Co-coordinator, Reversal of Heart Disease Program, Poona Hospital and Research Center, Pune; India. Director, Kaivalya Yoga Institute, Pune; India; Bramhavidya Research Foundation.