Yoga Competition and its judges

Isabelle Barger - Ma Shakti Devi

In response to your wondering about the subjective elements of yoga sport evaluation, such as spirituality, I would like to make clear that in International Yoga Federation asana competition, the judges are not yoga teachers. They are Swamis and Swaminis. They are spiritual masters from yoga lineage, and for that reason they are qualified to judge the spirituality of the competitor. They are masters in determining how competitors are feeling by looking at key identifiers. For example, how is the competitor breathing? What expression does the competitor wear on his face while fronting a stressful situation? How does the competitor react to a stunning performance by his adversary? Does the competitor act like the competition is a fun game, or does the competitor act like the competition is a serious and stressful situation? A contorsionist, gymnast, dancer, or any other flexible athelte who loses points in the spirituality department, will not win yoga compeitions. Yogis and Yoginis win yoga competitions, and the judges are Yoga Masters who can tell who is practiced in the art of yoga and who is not.

All of life is yoga and life is a competition.

Isabelle Barger - Ma Shakti Devi
IYF Secretary USA
Disciple of Swami Maitreyananda

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